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My Wonderful Crazy Life - Bokuto/Akaashi x Reader x Kuroo/Tsukishima

WARNING: This is a polyandry (many husbands/boyfriends) fanfiction, that also contains some slightly explicit content and yaoi (boy x boy) relationships..

    Living in a house with four fully grown men is not how you expected your life would turn out, but you wouldn't change it for anything. You loved all of them equally and they loved you in return. Friend's since high school they all crushed on you. Akaashi was the first to confess, Bokuto soon after, saying he wasn't going to loose to Akaashi, then Kuroo, who wasn't going to let Bokuto have you, and lastly Tsukishima the shy mundane. Your home was small but you enjoyed it, the boys always made it lively. You hummed softly as you sung to some hip-hop music that played softly in your laundry room. You placed various clothes in the washer.

♫Sex with me, so amazing~♫

You smiled and shook your hips to the beat, and sang to the American song. You poured some detergent into the washing machine and closed the door. Pushing the setting to get the machine to begin it's washing process.

♫I'mma get it wet like jacuzzi, ah-yea♫

Strong arms circled your hips and dived onto your inner thighs and back up to your stomach. You gasped softly and peeked at your mysterious guest. Kuroo smirked and kissed your neck, "What are you doing? Did I hear something about sex and you?" You turned around and leaned back against the washer with Kuroo flushed against you. Your arms slithered up and around his neck and you leaned in close and kissed him and pulled away giving him a sly look, "You're still on punishment~ You can have fun with Tsuki~ for a while."

He pouted and pulled away from you. You giggled, " Your breakfast is on the table. I'll go wake Bokuto, Tsuki and Akaashi went to the store."

Traveling to Bokuto and Akaashi's room was always fun unless it was to wake up Bokuto. He was always grumpy and acted like a child, which was always cute but a pain. You opened the door quietly and peeked in. You instantly noticed the white locks lost in the sea of the dark comforter. You laughed to yourself and traveled into the room, once in front of the bad you snatched the comforter and Bokuto instantly curled up from the cold breeze. You sat on the bed you placed your hand on his naked back and shook him softly. He moaned, "mmmm, nooo~"

You sighed and slid your hand down his back to his rear end, you pinched his buttocks. He still didn't move. You frowned and leaned over and leaned on his arm and peeked at his sleeping face. You pouted, "Bokuto~ I need my morning kiss, I'm almost out of energy..." Still nothing, you sighed, "I guess, I'll go ask Kuroo, even though he already got a kiss this morning..."

Bokuto's owl-like eyes shot open and he looked at you. He grabbed you pulled you onto him swiftly kissing you in the process. You smiled into the kiss and slipped your tongue in, Bokuto instantly taking sway and making you slip into his hypnotic control. He flipped you over so you laid against the fluffy bed. He continued to kiss you, you moaned softly as you felt his friend softly. You pulled away from the kiss as a knock sounded on the door. You pushed at Bokuto, "I'll get the door," He shook his head and went to kiss you again, but you shoved a pillow in his face and stumbled over to the bed, "Coming~"

You opened it and saw Tsukishima, "Tsuki~ Welcome back~! I was trying to wake Bokuto up when did you and Akaashi get back?"

Tsukishima kissed your cheek, "Seems I picked a bad t-t-time," He noticed Bokuto getting dressed behind you, "I'll just talk to you later! Sorry for interrupting." You giggled and grabbed onto his cardigan, "Oh hush, stop acting like a virgin! Let's go downstairs, did you guys get what I asked for?" He nodded.

Downstairs Akaashi was hanging up his coat. You smiled and ran up to him, "Akaashi~" He smiled tiny and kissed you romantically. A simple peck from Akaashi made you melt every time, he was good at everything, especially at bed activities. He was kinky and fetishes with him were always fun and a major plus. You hugged him tightly, "Did you find everything at the store?" He nodded, you smiled and walked into the living room. Kuroo sat on the sofa, watching a random volleyball game. You sat beside him, "Do you miss playing?" He nodded, "Yeah. Speaking of which Kenma said hello, He should be visiting soon." You smiled widely, "Yay~ Kenma is so cute, I wish he would stay over one night, but I think he's too scared that I would jump his bones. I mean I probably would, he's so adorable, I would tease him, oh my gosh just thinking about it get me-"

Akaashi covered your mouth, "(Y/N)." You looked at Akaashi, his eyes were slightly dark, you peeked at Kuroo his looked the same.

"(Y/N) you don't need Kenma.." You peeked at the doorway and noticed Bokuto, he was glaring at you along with Tsukishima who stood beside him.

"You don't need him when you have us~"

A/N: I'm not sure if I want to make this a series or not...let me know your thoughts about it! It was so weird writing this, sorry if anyone is OOC, I got the idea from a yaoi doujinshi I read.
Okay to anyone who reads 'No Matter The Situation' I have some information for you. Updates won't happen for a while, due to the story being placed on hold. I'm currently failing a few classes in my Junior year, so I need to focus on school work until my grades improve the story will be on hold. But I will be updating one-shots and stuff on here, I'm placing NMTS on hold because I spend more times on that story than other stories. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
Note: Okay so this is basically like a 'When you first meet' but a few of the guys were already your friend, so just to let you know. I labeled the ones that were first meets and the ones that were already friends. This chapter is based on 'Loser' by BigBang!

Enjoy :)

Title: Savior & My Reason to Breakfree

[First Meeting]

         Walking home from school was always a pain to you. You had to walk so far to catch a train back home, but that what you get for choosing a good school from your poor neighborhood. You weren't poor but your father was a doctor who loved to help people in need, so you lived out where people needed the most help. You avoided people who passed you as you walked down the crowded city. You suddenly trip and catch yourself on one of the buildings, saving you from a face plant. You suddenly hear some soft noises. You peek down the alleyway and notice a guy kneeling down crying in his hands. You peek cautiously and walk towards the distraught man. As you stand about a foot in front of his you bend down balancing on your feet. You reach your hand out to him but stop. You scan him, noticing the blood and dirt coating his skin.

"A-Are you okay?" You ask softly.

         He stiffens not expecting anyone to notice him. You frown and place your hand on his shoulder and move a little closer to him to check for any injuries. As you bend down sitting on your legs, your blue jeans get wet. He looks at you unsurely.

"I promise I mean no harm, I just want to make sure you're not hurt."

         He felt like crying again, and you could tell. You cautiously patted his shoulder and moved to comfort him by bringing him into your arms. He hugged you tightly. You smiled softly and comforted the man. You reached in your bag aimlessly looking for your phone. You pulled it out and pulled away from the hug.

"I'm gonna call my dad to come look at your injuries...if that's okay.." You said softly. He didn't respond, so you called your dad anyways explaining the situation. After hanging up, you heard him mumble softly.

"I'm sorry I didn't hear you?"

"I said, my name is Seung-Hyun."

You smiled, "Nice to meet you, Seung-Hyun. I'm (___)."

[First Meeting]

         "(___) quit being lame and reading that book! Come on were gonna be late, everyone's here so we can leave now!" Your friend, (___), yelled harshly. You were at a local cafe waiting for some friends so you could go out for singles night, even though they were just trying to hook you up with someone. You looked at her, "You know I don't like to drink, you guys go have fun I'll meet up with you later."

         She sighed harshly but nodded making you promise to actually meet up later. She left with everyone else leaving you to you book. After a few minutes of reading, you figured you should probably head home if you were gonna meet up later. Leaving the cafe after grabbing another (_random cafe drink_) you left heading down the sidewalk. You could hear soft talking and people looking out into the street. There was a man rolling around in the middle of the street, and these people were just looking at him. You gasped and pushed through the crowd accidentally dropping your coffee. You jogged to the man in the street as cars blared their horns at him. You kneeled down in front of him, he seemed to be in some type of haze. He rolled on his back and looked up to the sky running a hand through his black locks. You glanced at him.

"S-Sir are you okay?" You asked shyly.

         He looked towards you and stayed silent, just taking in the looks of your beautiful face. You flushed a light rose, you were already shy and it didn't help that he was gazing at you.

"S-Sir you need to move. People are starting to get upset."

He mumbled, "Oppa, call me Oppa."

This caused you to flush some more. You nodded and helped him sit up, and eventually stand up with him leaning on you. You stumbled in your heels as you both made it out of the street and onto the sidewalk. You slowly make your way to a street bench and set him down.

"Do you want me to call you a cab?" You ask. He nods.

Calling the cab was easy. You stood up ready to leave but he grabs your wrist. You look at him.

"I'm Ji-yong...will you stay until the cab comes?"

You couldn't help but smile, "Sure, I'm (___) by the way."

[First Meeting]

         Defacing property was a hobby, which was an art in your eye. You adjusted the backpack full of spray paint on your back as you climbed a ladder of a new building. Thick rimmed glasses fell slightly down your nose as you hopped on the roof, walking across trying to find a new place to paint. You peeked around and then over the edge noticing a lot that had a smaller RV, and just random items scattered around. The building you stood on wasn't that high. You leaned over the side and lead your foot to step on a dumpster, using it for support before hopping down. You peeked at the numerous amount of items. Lawn chairs, stadium seats, a barber chair! What's with the variety of chairs you wondered slightly. She peeked around and noticed a guy laying on the ground using some chalk on the ground. You froze.

"Uh, hello?" You said awkwardly.

He blew some of the chalk staring at you and stood up. You looked at the cross on the ground.

'Sin will find you.' It had written on it.

You raised a brow, "Sin will find you? Everyone make mistakes and that's what makes us grow as a person, don't let your mistakes get to you that bad.."

He looked at you confused. You didn't realize you said that out loud until he gave you that look. You chuckled awkwardly.

"Ha. Ha. Haaa, I'm (___)?"

He had a very faint smile, "Young-bae"


You've known Dae-seong since you were kids. You've been best friends since then. You remember giving him a handkerchief and tying it around his neck and telling him:

"We'll be best friends forever! This will represent out friendship so keep it on you at all cost, Dae-seong!"

         You smiled remembering the memory. You were on your way to his dorm to hang out with him and his friends. You thought it would be a good idea to stop and get some snack in case you all watched a movie or something. You smiled turning the corner to the shop and walked inside and grabbing some random food and going to pay, but some footsteps broke your concentration from paying. You peeked out the glass door and noticed someone on the ground getting beat up by a group of men, you quickly threw some money on the counter and told the cashier to keep the change. You quickly made it outside noticing something familiar on the ground. It was your handkerchief, you picked it up and looked around for Dae-seong. You noticed him hitting some guy while some other guy held him trying to pull him off. You ran closer pushing the guy off Dae-seong, not before throwing the small bag of food at him, you pulled on his coat.

"Dae-seong get off! W-What are you doing!" You cried, tears slipping down your cheeks. He fell off the guy and onto you and then he screamed. You hugged him around his waist as the group ran off.

         "Dae-seong please quit!" You held onto him tightly and cried into his back. He slowly calmed down. You cried softly as you both sat on the ground, him between your legs. He slowly removed your hands from around his waist and turned towards you. He slid his legs to your sides, so you were between them. He hugged you as you cried softly.

"O-Oppa, why were you fighting those guys?"

He hugged you tighter, "They took my handkerchief and then beat me up last I came back to get it, to prove I could be strong enough to protect you."

"Oh, Oppa..."


From: Oppa<3

-Don't come by today.

        You read the message over and over. You were currently walking up the stairs to a temporary place Seung-hyun was staying. You walked down the halls and got to the door and peeked into the thin window. You noticed him slamming his hands against the wall. You raised a brow and quickly got out your key. You peeked back up at him to see him flipping the table in the room. You quickly opened the door and walked inside.

"Seung-hyun quit! What are you doing?!" You asked shocked.

        He continued to throw thing and picked up a lamp slamming it against the ground. You avoided the flying papers and quickly dived to grab his hand slamming you both to the ground. He stopped as he noticed you looking down at him with a shocked expression. Tears were pooling in your eyes.

"Oppa...what's going on? Why are you destroying everything?" You asked confused.

His breathing slowed down and he sighed heavily and let his hand run over his face and through his hair. He pulled at the roots and sat up, making you fall off him. He screamed lightly.

"I thought I told you not to come by today!" He said rudely.

"I wasn't just gonna let my friend suffer if I knew something was wrong!" You yelled in return.

He sighed and kicked something on the floor sending it into the wall, "Ugh! Why can't you women understand! I try so hard but you don't care."

You looked at him confused, "What are you talking about?"

He looked at you, "She broke my heart, like every other girl out there. Why do I bother even trying to love anyone...everyone's the same in the end. I'll always be left alone."

You stood up slowly and walked over to him hugging him trapping his arms to his sides, "You'll always have me, Seung-hyun..."

A/N: Hello welcome to the first chapter! Please comment and vote! Please let me know of any errors. Also, request scenarios you want!

Thanks, Mika <3
.::A While Later::.

After living with (Y/N) for a little over a year, Antonio and the boys were absolutely happy; Minus the fact that their mother is constantly hoarding them and trying her absolute hardest to take them away from Antonio. The boys were currently on their way to their first day of kindergarten. Feliciano smiled happily, but Lovino's face was completely the opposite. You bent down and placed your hand on his head and gave him a warming smile.

"Are you ready? You get to meet new kids and make friends, doesn't that sound fun?" You asked. Feliciano nodded, Lovino shook his head. You laughed softly and placed both of your hands on Lovino's tiny shoulders, "Hey, Lovino, everything will be fine. The school is nice, you might even find a nice girl that you might like."

Antonio shook his head at your teasing. He noticed Lovino shaking his head quickly at your words. He grabbed your hand, "Miss (Y/N) is the only girl for me!"--Antonio froze--"I know Papa might like you, but I'm going to steal you from him! Come on Feliciano, let's go. I need to become smart so I can beat Papa!"

You watched as the two boys scurried across the playground and to the front door. A glance at Antonio made you giggle, he looked shocked. You grabbed his hand, "Come on. If you like me so much you can go shopping with me. I need to go to few shops in town."

.::A Trip Into Town::.

The trips into the various about of stores in the small town made Antonio smile. He loved the way you smiled happily at the smallest things and the way you would help anyone. Your lovely happy attitude made him fall for you even more. Antonio watched as you stopped in front of a shop. The sign was older and worn out.


The shop was definitely old. They both walked in and Antonio could smell the old musky smell of all the older products that lined the walls and shelves. You pulled Antonio to an old chair and told him to sit down. He sat and watched as you disappeared.

"Mrs. Rodrigez! I'm here to pick up my order!" You said excitedly as you walked into the dressing room section. She was placing a dress into one of the dressing rooms. She noticed you and smiled.

"Your dress is hanging in here, try it on," She spoke as she left the dressing compartment. You quickly stripped and put on the dress. You walked out to show Antonio. She cleared her throat gaining his attention. His was was shocked. You were stunning in the dress. The dress was and off-white color, that ended about mid calf. There was lace that laid lazily on your shoulders. You smiled and twirled causing the skirt to spread flawlessly. You giggled at his shocked expression.

"Let's go on a date." Escaped his lips.

You stopped laughing and looked at him. He quickly covered his mouth shocked. You smiled and nodded, "Let's go on one now! Come on!" You grabbed his hand. You grabbed your purse from the floor and placed some money on the counter, "I'll see you later, Ms. Rodrigez!"

Walking trough town hand and hand, you both smiled as you chatted. You noticed a small crowd and some music. The sound of the guitars lured you closer. You pushed through the crowd with Antonio on your tail. You smiled at the small band playing music. You grabbed Antonio's hand and pulled him away from the crowd spinning into his arms. He smiled and held you close. He then released you spinning you out and placing his hand on your waist. The crowd cheered slightly at your salsa. Antonio pulled you close, close enough to where your body was flush against his own. Your right hand laid on his upper back while your left hand held on his right tightly. He leaned his head next to yours.

"yo quiero estar contigo, vivir contigo, bailar contigo, tener contigo.
Una noche loca~"

His singing voice was heavenly and made you shiver. You looked at him and he was smiling, obviously enjoying himself. The song continued Antonio occasionally singing to you and you laughing. He spun you around so your back was against his torso. His hands on your hips as you stepped forward, and then he suddenly spun you back around and into a dip as the guitars played their last cord. He looked at you and you returned his gaze. Your hand ran up his shoulder and into his dark locks. You leaned up and connected your lips with his. He kissed back, but the kiss ended quicker than inspected after realizing you were still in front of a crowd. You pulled away and started to laugh as the crowd cheered happily. Antonio pulled you up from the dip as people began to praise your wonderful dancing. You smiled and pulled Antonio into a tight hug.

I absolutely love this song! <3

I want to be with you, living with you
Dance with you, have you
A crazy night
It just got declined from a group because I didn't place the link for the cover picture, even though the rest of my stories are in the group without the cover image tell the truth I found the picture ages ago when I started the series over a year ago... I just needed to rant on for a minute... And my phone won't allow me to credit the artists who made the cover -_-


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It just got declined from a group because I didn't place the link for the cover picture, even though the rest of my stories are in the group without the cover image tell the truth I found the picture ages ago when I started the series over a year ago... I just needed to rant on for a minute... And my phone won't allow me to credit the artists who made the cover -_-

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